I am an experienced information security and secure software development consultant and researcher who can perform web and mobile application penetration tests, automated and manual code reviews, software debugging, security testing on cloud based environments, smartphone platforms such as iOS and Android, and develop security-aware web and mobile applications.

Fields of Interest

Work Experience

Industry Experience

Staff-2 Security Engineer @ VMware, San Francisco Bay Area, CA (01/2022 — present)

Staff Security Engineer @ VMware, San Francisco Bay Area, CA (11/2017 — 01/2022)

Senior Security Engineer @ VMware, San Francisco Bay Area, CA (04/2016 — 10/2017)

VMware virtualizes computing, from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices, to help our customers be more agile, responsive, and profitable. My job functions include providing security advice and expertise to help VMware product teams with Secure Software development throughout product’s lifecycle, finding new vulnerabilities in VMware products, analyzing externally reported vulnerabilities, developing demonstration exploits, developing vulnerability mitigations and workarounds, act as the technical reviewer for external security communications such as VMware Security Advisories, security response engineering and tools development.

Senior Security Consultant @ IOActive Inc., Seattle, WA (10/2014 — 04/2016)

IOActive is an industry leading security services firm. My essential job function is to perform security services for IOActive’s Global client portfolio. These can include penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, reverse engineering, fuzzing, exploit development, and more. The focus of my work is to provide leadership on mobile penetration testing for Android and iOS platforms. Other important job functions include participation in the business development process, performing research and delivering talks at industry events.

Security Consultant @ IOActive Ltd., London, United Kingdom (04/2013 — 09/2014)

The essential job functions include vulnerability assessments and analysis, penetration testing and source code review of web and mobile applications and platforms, reporting and documentation of all security findings, and travel to customer site locations as required. I have performed comprehensive security assessments of Android ROMs for major smartphone vendors. I have carried out code review and penetration testing of smartphone applications (Android, iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire apps) and C/Java based web services for some of the Fortune top 50 companies. I have also worked in red team network penetration testing for major service providers on behalf of IOActive.

Research Engineer (Mobile App Development Manager) @ Next Generation Intelligent Networks Research Center, Islamabad, Pakistan (03/2012 — 02/2013)

Development of Secure SMS and Secure VoIP applications on Android and iPhone. The core task was to help the programmers apply the theory of information security, cryptography and secure development in real world mobile applications. I managed a team of mobile application developers to achieve these tasks. I was also responsible for completing reports and deliverables to meet requirements of the funding agency.

Research Engineer (Team Lead) @ Next Generation Intelligent Networks Research Center, Islamabad, Pakistan (04/2008 — 08/2010)

The aim of this project was to develop an intelligent security framework for IP Multimedia System (IMS) and Next Generation All-IP Networks, to protect infrastructure nodes and subscribers against IMS framework-related vulnerabilities, SIP protocol vulnerabilities, VoIP/ video/ PoC/ Messaging/ Presence/ Conferencing application vulnerabilities; and voice spam, media plane related vulnerabilities.

Internship Experience

Mobile Development, Security and Testing Intern @ Cigital, New York, NY (05/2011 — 12/2011)

I learned the basics of mobile (Android, Blackberry, iOS) development, and iOS application security. The concentration of my work was centered on penetration testing of a number of iPhone and iPad applications for some of the fortune 50 companies. I also worked on system image security assessment, and some linux based embedded system pen-testing.

Teaching Experience

Visiting Faculty @ National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan (08/2012 — 12/2012)

Courses Taught: Data Communication & Networking

Freelance Experience

Security Advisor @ Secursive Blog, (02/2020 — present)

I write blog posts on security topics that I find interesting.

Freelance Consultant @ Secursive, (02/2012 — 01/2014)

A freelance Information Security Consultancy and Secure Software Development agency. I provide Secure Software development, Web and Mobile Applications penetration-testing, automated and manual code reviews for security vulnerabilities. Security testing on smartphone platforms such as iOS and Android, is what I love to do. I also provide Security-aware Web and Mobile applications development, Operating System development and Software debugging services.



MS Computer Science (Security) @ Columbia University, New York, NY. (2011)

BE Electrical Engineering @ National University of Sciences & Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan. (2008)





Research Topics


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Journal Papers

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Conference Papers

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